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Our ultra-high vacuum systems are manufactured with high purity materials, the strictest quality control standards, and superior vacuum performance to 10 -11 Torr range. While we can create systems for any application, a few systems we commonly custom manufacture for our diverse customer base include:

The 6000 HPS system is comprised of stainless steel, double-wall, water-cooled, 30” x 36” process chamber mounted on a stainless steel frame, plasma torch, RF power generator and matching network, substrate manipulator, pumps, gauging, process control system, all integrated and tested as a complete unit. This is an exceptional plasma spray system that will positively contribute to your unique project.

The RF/DC-ICP torch is mounted on top of the chamber. The plasma is generated from a gas mixture is comprised of 4 gasses that sprays around a cathode and through an anode. An arc ignites the plasma.

Deposition material can be introduced into the plasma jet as powder or liquid. When the liquid is used nanostructured coatings or deposits are formed with a wide variety of material compositions.

Substrate manipulation includes 6-axis of motion, high-speed substrate rotation and heating to 600° C.

A four gas distribution system consists of mass flow controllers, 20 slm range, MFC power supply/LCD display, inlet and purge valves and stainless steel gas manifold.

The chamber is pumped by a combination of a dry screw vacuum pump and a rotary booster pump complete with water-cooled foreline trap, air filter, throttling valve. Vacuum measurement is comprised of a capacitance manometer and Pirani/Piezo Transducer.

A PLC/PC based vacuum process automation system controls the pump-down and plasma deposition process. The system is user friendly with safety and process interlocks as required.

Detailed specifications and technical data is available on request. The system is modular in design and can be adapted to suit exact customer requirements in their laboratory or innovative research and design facility.

Featuring single button operation and utilizing a two-chamber design, our evaporation system maintains the multi-pocket electron beam gun at UHV within a cryo-pumped main chamber. Positioned in the load lock above the main chamber, the carousel is separated by an isolation gate valve. The automated cycle pumps down the load lock and opens the isolation gate valve, thereby exposing the rotating samples to the gun. Upon completion of the evaporation process, the load lock is vented while the main chamber remains at UHV.

The unit also features:

  • Automated pumping and venting
  • Mimic panel displaying system status
  • Atmosphere to UHV in 30 minutes
  • A motorized multi-sample carousel
  • Slide out bottom flange for easy maintenance
  • ± 0.25% uniformity over 3 inch diameter samples
  • Compact self-enclosed frame

The ECR/ICP System is designed to permit surface processing by an ECR or ICP generated plasma of up to three, 2″ diameter, or a single 5″ wafer. The vacuum pressure in the main chamber can reach pressures of less than 1× with turbo-molecular pumping. Titanium sublimation pumping is optional.

The system is installed on a support table with a 19″ electrical rack and power distribution panel.

This system consists of a 10″ O.D. cylindrical vacuum chamber, main 510 1/sec. Turbomolecular pump, pumping gate valve, two manipulators, target holder and substrate holder. Viewports are integrated into a single package, including the gauges, table and electrical distribution system. It is capable of selecting one of six targets for laser deposition onto a 2 – 3″ diameter disc-shaped substrate holder with substrate heating. Sample substrates can be loaded with a vacuum load-lock system.

The mounted unit also includes blank-off flanges, two viewports with shutters and a high purity optical sapphire viewport. The vacuum is tested to 2×10-10 Torr with baking to 100° C. Our JUV laser deposition systems are very popular across various industry verticals because of their practicality and versatility in this very specialized area.

Our all-metal sputter system consists of three, 2″ (or optionally 3″) RF magnetrons located at 120-degree intervals azimuthally spaced around a 10″ Conflat on the base of a cylindrical chamber. This permits deposition onto a substrate holder located on the chamber axis by any combination of three shuttered sources. The system includes chamber pumps, RF supplies, matching networks, magnetrons, gas inlet, iris valve, vacuum gauging and a heated substrate holder. The unit also includes a 19″ enclosed electrical rack and table.

The vacuum chamber is an all-metal UHV chamber (18″ O.D. x 18″ high) with wire seal top and bottom flanges. It is equipped with hydraulic lift mechanisms, sample stage port, pumping port and various 2.75″, 4.5″ and 8″ Conflat ports, plus blanks. It also includes a removable liner and shuttered 4″ I.D. viewport.

In the center of the bottom wire seal flange is a 10″ O.D. Conflat flange unit with three, 2″ O.D. RF magnetrons, three electro-pneumatic shutters, a gas inlet port and a water-cooled cross-contamination shield. The guns are capable of approximately 100 A/min Fe at 4 – 5″ target substrate spacing with uniformity of ± 2% over the target diameter.

The MBE Vacuum System consists of a 24″ diameter multiport chamber with internal LN2 shrouds for molecular beam deposition of up to eight sources. In addition, it features ports for viewports, shutters, rate monitors, RGA, RHEED, samples stage, pumping, gauging, and transfer as well as future expansion ports. Mounted on a stainless steel frame table, the vacuum system also features electrical controls enclosed in two 19-inch electrical racks, with power distribution panels and a master on/off switch. Bake-out shrouds with internal heaters for chamber heating to 250° C are provided.


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