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JUV has been immersed in the world of ultra-high vacuum engineering, manufacturing and technology since 1961. Our combined experience and time, layered with our engineering and manufacturing talent, has positioned us as a trusted thought-leader who makes informed recommendations to our customers.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the technology that will meet your needs presently and be useful in future explorations while being mindful of realistic timelines and budgets.

As part of our initial UHV system design review, we evaluate the existing system and make some recommendations based on the UHV requirements of the customer.  One of the most common issues that exist with ultra high vacuum systems is leakage – and we have the expertise to identify and rectify these sources of error so that you can create and maintain the environments necessary for your research and development.  Johnsen Ultravac has been successfully diagnosing systems for many years and can make recommendations based on our experience.  

Some potential solutions may include using additional new vacuum chambers which can be integrated into existing systems or based on our expert testing and evaluation, it may be more cost-effective to create a customized solution for the specific requirement. We attempt to provide direction and guidance based on our experiences in engineering and manufacturing while being able to leverage customer installations and our industry leading ‘JUV System Analysis & Recommendation’ for our customers. Contact Johnsen Ultravac to explore how we may be able to assist in your existing and planned research and development involving UHV technologies.


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