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Our JUV Manipulators are well-known and inspire confidence among our customer base who use a combination of manual and motorized versions of ultra-high vacuum manipulators to position samples exactly where they require them.

We engineer and precisely manufacture versions with sample bias, heating and cooling options across the X, Y, and Z axis of travel with a R1, R2, and/or R3 rotation possibility. These can be either a manual or a mechanized motor-positioned computer-controlled manipulator – while providing unparalleled accuracy and precision. Our custom manipulators are over-engineered and allow for virtually any axis and rotation combination. We can assist with the design and development of your manipulators which will facilitate the needs of your project. Trust the 60 years of JUV to your ultra-high vacuum needs!

Johnsen Ultravac offers UHV manipulators in six standard sizes. Modular in design and available as a straight Z translator or as an XYZ manipulator, they are extremely adaptable. System mounting flanges vary from 2.75″ O.D. with 1.5″ I.D. bellows to 13.25″ O.D. flange with 10.00″ I.D. bellows. Our XYZ Manipulators are similar to the Series 3000 and 4000 Linear Motion Devices with the exception of the additional XY Stage. A rigid design ensures maximum payload capacity and strength. These manipulators are ideally suited for a number of tasks, including surface physics or chemistry applications, MBE, positioning of targets or positioning of a multi-sample carrier in an analytical instrument. The XY stages may also be acquired as a separate unit or in combination with the 2000 Series Linear Motion Device, thereby providing a cost-effective long stroke XYZ Manipulator.

All units are suitable for 10 -10 Torr operation with a stainless steel welded bellows. We can also provide a complete assembly with various options, including:

  • X & Y motion: ± 0.50″ to ± 4.00″
  • Bellows inside diameter: 1.39″ to 12.00″
  • Base Flange: 2.75″ to 14.00″ O.D. Conflat flange
  • Polar rotation: 360 degrees
  • Azimuthal rotation: ± 180 degrees
  • Tilt: ± 30 degrees
  • Heating: 1200 °C
  • LN cooling: -160 °C
  • Helium cool to 10 °K
  • Substrate: Crystal size to 300 mm
  • Payload: Series 4000 – 500 lb (225 kg

MODEL 1000
Ideal for load locks, sample preparation, parking stages and sample processing, the Model 1000 easily adapts to numerous sample carriers. It utilizes a rack and pinion drive supported by Teflon bushings, while the rack is machined from stainless steel and electro-polished. With an adjustable coupling end, it offers more flexibility when aligning a transfer point and the optional “Quick Y” mechanism provides a greater span for sample manipulation. A trusted tool in many laboratories is the Model 1000.

MODEL 2000
The series 2000 linear motion devices are constructed from extruded aluminum with an anodized finish and are bakeable to 250 degrees C. The bellows assembly is available in 2.75″, 3.38″ and 4.50″ flange sizes. The standard “Z” drive utilizes a stainless steel acme screw with a bronze nut. It is supported by hardened stainless steel guide rods with 5mm linear motion per turn. A pneumatic cylinder “Z” drive is optional, with flow controls. Applications vary from sample transfer to sample processing. The MODEL 2000 can accommodate heating and cooling stages, motor drives, encoders, rotary platforms and XY platforms. Vertical or horizontal mounting is possible.

MODELS 3000 & 4000
Constructed from high-grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish and bakeable to 250 °C, their rigid design and strength ensures maximum payload capacity. They can also be mounted vertically or horizontally. Repeatability of the “Z” drive is .01 mm with a linear motion of 1 mm per turn. A variety of options are available to meet your specific requirements. Choose JUV linear motion devices to meet your objectives!


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