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Ultra High Vacuum chambers are precisely engineered vacuum technologies that allow for coating, measurement and analysis, testing, validating, and other scientific research purposes in a controlled vacuum environment that meet the specific requirements of the customer investigation.

We have the ability to customize off-gassing vacuum chambers as well as our traditional UHV chambers. Our Johnsen Ultravac Vacuum Chambers are typically used in R&D applications such as:

  • Synchrotron Radiation research applications

  • Institutional Academic applications

  • Research & Development applications

  • Customized vacuum chamber development (Cylindrical, Rectangular, Spherical, Custom shaped)

Our ultra-high vacuum chambers are available in a variety of standard configurations. We can also manufacture vacuum chambers that meet specific technical and performance requirements, based on a client’s specialized needs and input. Every vacuum chamber manufactured by Johnsen Ultravac is produced to the highest engineering and manufacturing standards. Particular attention is given to eliminate any possibility of virtual leaks. This results in vacuum performance to 10-11 Torr range. Each chamber body is carefully milled to precise tolerances to ensure proper port alignment. We employ proprietary machining fluids to avoid contamination of the base materials. Upon completion of the machining, all parts are cleaned for welding and the vessel is checked for leaks in a “clean room” environment. Critical port alignment is inspected again and then certified before final cleaning and packaging.

Vacuum Chamber Technical Data:

  • Every chamber leak checked to 2×10-10atm cc/sec.

  • 0.5% Port alignment

  • Glass shot finish

  • Seven step cleaning process


  • Mu-metal liners for magnetic shielding

  • Stainless steel liners for deposition systems

  • Electro polish finish

  • Water cooling

  • Cryo shrouds

Based on the expert design, engineering and precision manufacturing here at JUV, we are confident that our vacuum chambers will exceed your expectations and that we will become a trusted lab partner in your on-going fields of research involving high and ultra-high vacuum chambers wherever you are located. We are the leaders in customized vacuum chambers and peripherals and are looking forward to being involved in your project. Please contact us to continue the conversation.


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